Touch AT! project update

It’s time for small update on what is happening in the project. This spring we are very busy evaluating the TellMe app in different special education schools around Gothenburg. One part of it is a Contact book between the home and the teachers, while the other is a Diary application where the children can post images and messages for their parents. Luckily, as a great helping hand, we have the two excellent master thesis students Linda Persson and Liza Arvidsson to help us out in the best possible manner. We can soon look forward to see the result of their hard work!
Moreover, our excellent programmer Markus Norén is about to wrap up the final implementation of a special education questionnaire app, that among other things can support children in self-reporting psychological health in children with intellectual disabilities The design is further described here, and more information is to come.
We are also running participatory design workshops with children in special education schools and their teachers in order to come up with and further develop ideas for applications to train cooperation and social skills.
Busy, but very exciting spring!!!